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Benefits of clean blinds?

Just about everyone who lives in a home or apartment, and anyone who works in an office, hospital, school, motel and club/retail outlet will benefit from clean blinds.

Aside from the obvious visual benefit, having clean blinds can reduce the incidence of allergies playing up.  Ultrasonic cleaning lubricates, protects and prolongs the life of your blinds.

How much would replacing unsightly, dirty and potentially health affecting blinds cost compared to regularly cleaning your blinds?   You could save hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars!

Proven fact: Dirt, grime and bacteria cause blinds to deteriorate 5 TIMES FASTER than blinds that are regularly cleaned.

Bi-Soniclean will remove blinds that are moldy, grimy, dirty or dusty at a time that is convenient to you.  The blinds are taken away and put through Bi-Soniclean ultrasonic blind cleaning process.  The use of ultrasonic sound waves in the cleaning process means that we can clean blinds using minimal amounts of chemicals, no need for solvents or caustic solutions, which means that the process is not only environmentally friendly, but also effective.   Your blinds will be restored to sparkling clean, pristine condition, deodorized and sanitized.

So no fuss, no delay, we save you money because you will be protecting the investment you’ve made in your blinds and fittings.

Clean Blinds Sydney